Fat Joe - J.O.S.E 2 Jealous one still envy [ALBUM]

Nouvel album de Fat Joe "J.O.S.E 2"


01. Winding On Me (Feat. Lil' Wayne And Ron Browz)
02. Joey Don't Do It
03. One (Feat. Akon)
04. Aloha (Feat. Pleasure P And Rico Love)
05. Put Ya In Da Game (Feat. T-Pain And OZ)
06. Congratulations (Feat. Rico Love And TA)
07. Porn Star (Feat. Lil' Kim)
08. Cupcake (Feat. Benisour)
09. Ice Cream (Feat. Raekwon And TA)
10. Okay Okay
11. Blackout (Feat. Swizz Beats And Rob Cash)
12. Music (Feat. Cherlise)



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